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Hosted by C.J. Polychroniou, PERI economists answer questions about what drew them to their specific field of research and how their work relates to and helps inform the current economic policy debate. Check back often for recent additions to the series.

MoosinterviewPeter S. Arno

AIDS, Earned Income Tax Credit, and Medicare for All

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MoosinterviewJames K. Boyce

The Political Economy of the Environment

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MoosinterviewShouvik Chakraborty

U.S. Imperialism and a Global Green New Deal

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MoosinterviewOmar Dahi

War on Development in Syria

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MoosinterviewNancy Folbre

The Economics of Socialist Feminism

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MoosinterviewJayati Ghosh

Measuring and Addressing Global Inequality

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MoosinterviewKatherine Moos

Advancing New Perspectives on Feminist Political Economy

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MoosinterviewLéonce Ndikumana

Africa's Future Depends on Reforms in Global Governance

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MoosinterviewLenore Palladino

Ending Shareholder Primacy

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MoosinterviewLynda Pickbourn

Understanding Africa's Development Challenges

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MoosinterviewGreg Semieniuk

Climate Change Intensifies Inequality

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MoosinterviewIsabella Weber

The Peculiarities of China's Economic Model

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MoosinterviewJeannette Wicks-Lim

Wage Stagnation, Worker Bargaining Power, and Racial and Gender Inequality

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