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Gordon Hall & Crotty Hall

Gordon Hall

Gordon Hall

Gordon Hall, PERI's home since 2003, is a 20,000-square-foot office building located on a privately owned site adjacent to the UMass Amherst campus. Gordon Hall was designed by Professor Sigrid Miller Pollin, a faculty member in the Architectural Studies and Interior Design unit of the UMass Department of Art.

One unique feature of our atrium space is the inclusion of a plaque listing all of the people, from all trades, who worked and contributed toward the creation of Gordon Hall.

Gordon Hall honors two distinguished but unrelated academic leaders who happen to share the same last name—Glen Gordon, who retired as dean of the UMass College of Social and Behavior Sciences in 2003; and the late Professor David M. Gordon of the New School for Social Research.

Dean Glen Gordon

Glen Gordon served the University of Massachusetts Amherst with great distinction for 38 years, as a Professor and Chair in the Political Science Department, Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Provost of the University, retiring in August 2002. His various terms as an administrator were marked by intelligence, fair-mindedness, a sense of humor, and significant tangible accomplishments. In his final position prior to retirement, Dean Gordon was instrumental in both the creation of the Political Economy Research Institute and in enabling this building to become a reality.


Dean Glen Gordon


Prof. David Gordon

David Gordon (1944 – 1996) was one of the most influential political economists in the world, as well as a dedicated teacher, at the time of his tragic death at age 51. He had been Dorothy Hirshon Professor of Economics and founding Director of the Center for Economic Policy Analysis at the Graduate Faculty of the New School University . Professor Gordon conducted pioneering research in the areas of labor economics, macroeconomics, globalization and economic policy. He was also a relentless fighter for a more just and humane society. His research approach, combining rigorous standards and a spirit of solidarity with working people and the poor, serves as both a model and inspiration at PERI.


Professor David Gordon



Crotty Hall


crotty Pam Jim web

Crotty Hall houses the University of Massachusetts, Amherst Economics Department. The building was designed by Sigrid Miller Pollin, Professor of Architecture at UMass Amherst. Professor Miller Pollin has received widespread recognition for her beautiful and innovative design work, as well as for her commitment to environmental sustainability.  Crotty Hall is the first structure at UMass Amherst that is “net zero”—i.e. the overall net amount of greenhouse emissions generated by the operation Crotty Hall is zero. The building is named in honor of James and Pamela Crotty.

James Crotty has been Professor Emeritus in the Economics Department since 2010, after serving as a member of the faculty for 36 years. James is widely recognized for his fundamental contributions to macroeconomics within the broad tradition that synthesizes Marxian and Keynesian analytic frameworks. Within the UMass Economics community, he is respected for his 40 year commitment to building a first-rate political economy program at UMass. James was critical to the creation of PERI, and continues to contribute to our work. Pamela Crotty has likewise made major professional and political contributions. A Registered Nurse beginning in 1960 until her recent retirement, she contributed to the field of gerontology. In addition, Pam Crotty was also an active member of the Union for Radical Political Economics. Pam was one of the first non-economists to participate in the annual URPE summer conferences, and served formally for a period as a member of the URPE Steering Committee.

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