PERI Economists

Gerald Epstein
Gerald EpsteinPERI Co-Director and Professor
of Economics
Robert Pollin
Robert PollinPERI Co-Director and Distinguished
Professor of Economics
Peter Arno
Peter ArnoDirector, Health Policy Research Program and
Senior Fellow
Michael Ash
Michael AshCo-Director, Corporate Toxics Information Project
and Professor of Economics
James K. Boyce
James K. BoyceCo-Director, Corporate Toxics Information Project,
Senior Fellow and
Professor Emeritus
Shouvik Chakraborty
Shouvik ChakrabortyAssistant Research Professor
C.P. Chandrasekhar
C.P. ChandrasekharSenior Research Fellow
Hasan Cömert
Hasan CömertResearch Associate
Omar Dahi
Omar DahiCo-Director, Peacebuilding and Statebuilding Program and
Research Associate
Jane D'Arista
Jane D'AristaResearch Associate
Nancy Folbre
Nancy FolbreDirector, Gender and Care Work Program,
Professor Emerita of Economics
Jayati Ghosh
Jayati GhoshProfessor of Economics
Ilene Grabel
Ilene GrabelSenior Research Fellow
James Heintz
James HeintzDirector, Economics and Human Rights Program and
Andrew Glyn Professor of Economics
Arjun Jayadev
Arjun JayadevCo-Director, Asian Political Economy Program and
Associate Professor of Economics
Lawrence King
Lawrence KingProfessor of Economics
David Kotz
David KotzSenior Research Fellow and
Professor Emeritus
Zhongjin Li
Zhongjin LiCo-Director, Asian Political Economy Program and
Assistant Professor of Economics
Patrick Mason
Patrick MasonProfessor of Economics
Katherine Moos
Katherine MoosEconomist, Gender and Care Work Program and
Assistant Professor of Economics
Léonce Ndikumana
Léonce NdikumanaDirector, African Development Policy Program and
Distinguished Professor of Economics
Lenore Palladino
Lenore PalladinoResearch Associate and
Professor of Economics
Lynda Pickbourn
Lynda PickbournCo-Director, African Development Policy Program,
Senior Lecturer, UMass-Amherst Economics Dept., and
Associate Professor, Hampshire College
Gregor Semieniuk
Gregor SemieniukAssistant Research Professor
Vamsi Vakulabharanam
Vamsi VakulabharanamCo-Director, Asian Political Economy Program and
Associate Professor of Economics
Isabella Weber
Isabella WeberResearch Leader, China Studies and
Associate Professor of Economics
Noé Wiener
Noé WienerResearch Associate
Jeannette Wicks-Lim
Jeannette Wicks-LimResearch Professor
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