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Inequality and the Environment

This lecture by PERI researcher James Boyce, delivered at the ceremony for the inaugural Global Inequality Research Award at Sciences Po in Paris, provides a trajectory of Boyce’s work on inequality and the environment that was recognized by the award. Thirty years ago, many economists and environmentalists saw inequality as a non-issue. Today there is widespread recognition of its importance. Boyce reviews how inequalities in the distribution of wealth and power affect both the magnitude and incidence of environmental harms and discusses some of the synergies between policies to reduce inequality and to improve environmental quality.

Class and Space in Indian Cities

Indian cities have always been marked by stark class disparities and these have only become more pronounced in recent decades. PERI researcher Vamsi Vakulabharanam and Sripad Motiram use a socio-spatial methodology, a rigorous class scheme, and data from a spatially representative survey from Hyderabad and Mumbai to explore contemporary city spaces. Among their findings, they show that in both cities, the class distribution varies across residential zones, and how a class fares depends upon its zone of residence. They also argue for a more integrated and egalitarian restructuring of Indian city spaces.

Confronting the Global South Debt Crisis

PERI researcher Ilene Grabel documents that a severe debt crisis is emerging in the Global South. She argues that the burdens of this emerging crisis will be borne disproportionately by women and other vulnerable groups and nations. Within this context, Grabel explores opportunities for expanding and creating the fiscal space that national policymakers can use to counteract the crisis and prevent the onset of austerity conditions, and thereby, specifically, protect the well-being of women and girls. Grabel’s proposals also aim to advance, more generally, viable green transitions and a more just, inclusive global economy.

Recent Research

Class and Space in Indian Cities
Asian Political Economy
Vamsi Vakulabharanam, Sripad Motiram
July, 2024
Inequality and the Environment: Global Inequality Research Award Lecture
Environmental and Energy Economics
James K. Boyce
July, 2024
State-Level Employment Effects of Biden’s Green Energy, Manufacturing, and Infrastructure Programs
Environmental and Energy Economics
Robert Pollin, Jeannette Wicks-Lim, Shouvik Chakraborty
June, 2024
The State, Corporations, or the People: Who Benefits from Mining in Zambia?
African Development Policy
Léonce Ndikumana, Dale Mudenda, Bilen Gurara
June, 2024
The Growth of Private Financial Markets
Finance, Jobs & Macroeconomics
Lenore Palladino, Harrison Karlewicz
May, 2024
The Incidence, Costs, and Correlates of High-Cost, High-Risk Consumer Credit Among Black and Latino Households
Finance, Jobs & Macroeconomics
Edwith Theogene, Christian E. Weller
April, 2024
Sovereign Debt & Climate Finance Conference
Environmental and Energy Economics
May, 2024
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