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U.S. Coal Producers and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 2020

PERI is extending its long-standing Greenhouse 100 project by adding information on suppliers of fossil fuels and how much CO2 is released when their fuel is burned. As a first step, PERI has assembled data on US coal mine production for the year 2020 along with the ultimate parent companies that own each coal mine as of May 2022.

The complete dataset and documentation are available at:


Coal production and estimated CO2 emissions for the top 30 parent companies in the database are listed in the table below.


CO2 Emissions from Coal: Top 30 Coal Mining Companies, 2020

Parent CompanyCoal Production (short tons)CO2 Emissions (metric tons)Number of Mines*
Peabody Energy104,813,802187,589,39212
Arch Resources61,705,333109,913,3367
Navajo Transitional Energy Company LLC43,545,80074,018,2804
Alliance Resource Partners LP26,900,24460,151,0988
CONSOL Energy18,790,12942,016,2324
Mike Jamison; Petri E Koivula; John McNab23,478,65139,908,5412
NACCO Industries26,351,65233,600,4647
Foresight Energy Labor LLC14,159,74831,662,3294
Alpha Metallurgical Resources13,321,47129,787,87529
Trafigura Group8,146,41018,216,0242
Warrior Met Coal7,864,24817,585,0882
Sev.en Energy7,822,53717,491,81923
Vistra Energy13,058,94916,651,2052
Kiewit Peter Sons' Inc9,699,28216,486,6461
Westmoreland Mining Holdings LLC9,353,79716,265,9265
Prairie State Energy Campus6,433,98714,386,9101
Global Mining Holding Co.6,022,91913,467,7291
Hallador Energy5,635,70812,601,8944
Iron Senergy Holding LLC5,621,16512,569,3751
Energy and Minerals Group5,533,50212,373,3538
J Clifford Forrest III4,808,68610,752,60718
CBR Investments4,242,2939,486,1073
Western Fuels Association3,924,6296,671,0061
Berkshire Hathaway3,879,2186,593,8172
Black Hills Corp.3,736,6956,351,5591
SCM Group2,661,9975,952,43813
Responsible Energy Ventures LLC2,567,3185,740,7284
Lighthouse Resources3,212,9325,461,2781

* Counted as two mines when a location has both a surface and an underground component.

Note: this table includes CO2 emissions from when coal is burned, not methane emissions from coal mines.

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