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The Top 100 Polluter indexes identify the top corporate air and water polluters and top greenhouse gas emitters using the most recent data available from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Top 100 Polluter Indexes are part of PERI's Corporate Toxic Information Project.



Combined Toxic 100 / Greenhouse 100 Polluters Indexes

Combined Toxic 100 Air Polluters, Toxic 100 Water Polluters and Greenhouse 100 Polluters 

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Toxic 100 Air Polluters Index

The Toxic 100 Air Polluters index identifies the top U.S. air polluters among the world's largest corporations and ranks them based on the chronic human health risk from all their U.S. polluting facilities.

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Toxic 100 Water Polluters Index

The Toxic 100 Water Polluters Index identifies the top companies responsible for industrial water pollution, based on the health hazard from releases to water from all of their U.S. polluting facilities.

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Greenhouse 100 Polluters Index

PERI's Greenhouse 100 index identifies the top companies responsible for greenhouse gas emissions.

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NEW: Greenhouse 100 Suppliers Index

The Greenhouse 100 Suppliers Index ranks companies by their supply of products that result in greenhouse gas emissions when the products are released, combusted, or oxidized.

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NEW: Greenhouse 100 Coal Index

The Greenhouse 100 Coal Index is a subset of the Greenhouse 100 Suppliers Index, but is specific to coal producers and offers much more detailed data on coal mines. This index is based on US EIA-7A and MSHA data as well as information from additional sources. 

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