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Deindustrialization and the Postsocialist Mortality Crisis

Working Paper, April 2021 | Gabor Scheiring, Aytalina Azarova, Darja Irdam, Katarzyna Doniec, Martin McKee, David Stuckler, Lawrence King


Privatization and the Postsocialist Fertility Decline

Working Paper, December 2020 | Gabor Scheiring, Bryant Hui, Darja Irdam, Aytalina Azarova, Eva Fodor, David Stuckler, Gosta Esping-Andersen, Lawrence King


The Social Construction of Successful Market Reforms

Working Paper, March 2009 | Lawrence King, David Stuckler, Jennifer Tran


Mass Privatization and the Postcommunist Mortality Crisis

Working Paper, August 2006 | Lawrence King, David Stuckler, Patrick Hamm

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