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Climate Change is Devastating India with Heat Waves and Water Shortages

The Real News Network

Interview, June 2019 |

Shouvik Chakraborty
Climate Change Is Devastating India with Heat Waves and Water Shortages In The Real News Network interview, PERI's Shouvik Chakraborty discusses India's climate disasters fueled by the government's resource mismanagement and fossil fuel consumption. >> Watch interview

A Quantum Leap in the Wrong Direction?

Book, February 2019 |

Shouvik Chakraborty
This new book, co-edited by PERI researcher Shouvik Chakraborty, presents an overview of the state of the Indian economy immediately prior to the country’s April 11 national election. Professor Prabhat Patnaik writes that Quantum Leap in the Wrong Direction provides “a great service to the Indian people who are about to participate in what is undoubtedly the most decisive election in our recent history. To choose wisely the people need to be correctly informed about the state of the country. And information is precisely what is being denied to them…. Quantum Leap has sought to present a true picture of the performance of the Modi government.”

Green Growth and the Right to Energy in India

Working Paper, December 2018 |

Rohit Azad, Shouvik Chakraborty
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