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Capital Flight from North African Countries

Research Report, October 2012 |

James K. Boyce, Leonce Ndikumana

Employment, Poverty and Economic Development in Madagascar

Published Study, August 2011 |

Gerald Epstein, James Heintz, Leonce Ndikumana, Grace Chang

Credit Constraints And Productive Entrepreneurship In Africa

Working Paper, December 2011 |

Mina Baliamoune-Lutz, Zuzana Brixiova, Leonce Ndikumana

Measurement of Capital Flight: Methodology and Results for Sub-Saharan African Countries

African Development Review

Published Study, January 2010 |

Leonce Ndikumana, James K. Boyce

Capital Flight

Journal Article, June 2009 |

Leonce Ndikumana
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