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The Federal THRIVE Act for Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District: How THRIVE Strengthens the Economy, Protects the Environment, and Creates Jobs

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The national THRIVE Act was developed by the U.S. Green New Deal Network, aiming to “Transform, Heal, and Renew by Investing in a Vibrant Economy,”—i.e. THRIVE—through a range of investments to rebuild the U.S. economy. It was introduced into Congress in April 2021. This report describes the impact the THRIVE Act would have on Arizona’s 3rd congressional district. We estimate the overall level of job creation resulting from the 3rd district receiving its proportionate share of the overall national THRIVE budget. We also describe some specific projects that would be financed through THRIVE that would benefit the 3rd district, in areas such as solar energy installation, raising energy efficiency standards in the district’s public buildings, and expanding paid client-employed home-based care for the elderly within the district.

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