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Daniel Ellsberg Joins PERI

PERI is honored to welcome Daniel Ellsberg as a PERI Distinguished Research Fellow. Dr. Ellsberg’s PERI appointment coincides with the receipt by the UMass Amherst Library of his personal papers. Dr. Ellsberg received his Ph.D. in Economics at Harvard University in 1962 and published several seminal papers in the areas of decision theory and behavioral economics. Working as a high-level U.S. government war planner during the Vietnam War, Ellsberg risked a lifetime in prison to expose what became known as the Pentagon Papers, an act which was critical in strengthening the anti-war movement. At PERI, Ellsberg will work in the areas of Peace Economics and the Green New Deal. He made two presentations at PERI on October 28 and 29.
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Upcoming Events with Daniel Ellsberg

Monday, October 28 
Screening of The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers

followed by Panel Discussion with Daniel Ellsberg and Gar Alperovitz

Tuesday, October 29 
Daniel Ellsberg Lecture, "The Dollar Auction, Unendable Wars and Gambling with Catastrophe"

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