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The Political Economy of International Finance in an Age of Inequality

Global Finance in Age of Inequality

The Political Economy of International Finance in an Age of Inequality is a new volume of 11 research papers edited by PERI Co-Director Gerald Epstein.  Epstein introduces the book by observing that neoliberal financial policies are presently ascendant globally, a decade after the system survived the 2007-09 financial crisis only through a massive series of government bailouts. The contributors to this volume develop a unique range of perspectives on institutions and power relations as well as economic forces in illuminating the experiences, constraints and opportunities facing emerging market economies in the contemporary global financial system.

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epsteinbook2The essays in this book describe and analyze the current contours of the international financial system, covering both developed and developing countries, and focusing on the ways in which the current international financial system structures, and is affected by, profound inequalities in the international system. This keen analysis of key topics in international finance takes a heterodox perspective, with focus on the role of inequalities in power in shaping the structure and outcomes in the international sphere.

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