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Trump Budget: Foundation for Great American Misery

During The Real News Network interview, Robert Pollin discusses how President Trump's budget provides tax cuts for the rich at the expense of healthcare for low-income people.

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Trump's New Glass-Steagall Act May Deregulate Finance Sector Even More

During The Real News Interview, Gerald Epstein discusses President Trump's support for a New Glass-Steagall Act. Although he doubts the Act will pass Congress, Epstein states it could be beneficial if it also doesn't deregulate the finance sector.

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Road to Trump's Climate Change Hell Paved by Obama and Clinton

On The Real News Network, Robert Pollin, Gerald Horne, and Paul Jay discuss the debate within the Trump White House on whether to leave the Paris climate accords or just undermine them; and how this relates to the fight within the Democratic Party.


Trump's Budget Targets Climate Change Spending Across All Federal Agencies

During The Real News Interview, Bob Pollin discusses President Trump's proposed budget: big cuts to social spending, environmental protection and education in order to increase military spending.


Wealthiest U.S. Households Save Big Under GOP Health Care Bill

During The Real News Interview, Peter Arno says the elderly, disabled and the poor would be hardest hit.

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Trumponomics: Empowering Proto-Fascists

In an interview with The Real News Network, PERI's Gerald Epstein says that we need to understand Trump's economic policy as aimed at amassing as much power as possible in order to stifle opposition.


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Should Baltimore Raise Its Minimum Wage?

On The Real Baltimore, PERI's Jeannette Wicks-Lim addresses raising Baltimore's minimum wage to $15/hr by 2022.

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Transitioning to Clean Energy Would Create More Jobs than Fossil Fuels

Heidi Garrett-Peltier explains how the Solyndra controversy overshadows the enormous success of government investment.

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