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The Finance Curse

Gerald Epstein gives a keynote lecture on the high cost of finance and the finance curse. This talk was presented at a research workshop co-organized by the Tax Justice Network and the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute.

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LKing 3 18

IMF's Structural Adjustment Programs Weaken States They Aim to Strengthen

In The Real News Network interview, PERI's Lawrence King discusses how some IMF programs undermine the ability of governments in developing countries to properly govern.

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michaelAsh 3 2 18

Electric Power Companies Top the List of Greenhouse Gas Emitters

In The Real News Network interview, Michael Ash discusses the release of PERI's Greenhouse 100 index, which identifies the top companies responsible for greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.

>> View Toxic 100 Indexes

Leonce 3 18

Capital Flight From Africa: How the Poor Finance the Rich

In The Real News Network interview, Leonce Ndikumana discusses how a new World Bank report comparing economic growth among different regions in the world ignores key factors in addressing wealth and inequality in Africa.

pollin2 9 18

Trump Budget: Reaganomics Plus Military Keynesianism Equals Deficit Boom

In The Real News Network interview, Robert Pollin discusses the Trump budget and the urgent need for massive spending on an egalitarian green economy. 

moos2 9 18

Neoliberalism and the Rise of the Net Social Wage

In The Real News Network interview, new PERI economist Katherine Moos discusses her working paper that examines the trends of fiscal transfers between the state and workers during 1959-2012. 

StateOfTheUnion 1 18

Trump's Economic Nationalism: Who's It Good For?

In The Real News Network panel interview, Robert Pollin, Stephanie Kelton and James Henry respond to Trump's State of the Union address.


A Green New Deal for Washington State 

In The Real News Network interview, PERI's Robert Pollin and Jeffrey Johnson, president of Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO discuss the possibilities of a green new deal for Washington state.

>> Watch interview.
>> Read "A Green New Deal for Washington State."

Shouvik 12.27.17

India Must Adopt Greener Forms of Energy to Curb Pollution

In The Real News Network interview, Shouvik Chakraborty discusses his article published (with coauthor Rohit Azad) in The Hindu.

Sequino 12 27 17

Gender Job Segregation Hurts the Working Class

In The Real News Network interview, Stephanie Sequino discusses her new PERI working paper (coauthored with Elissa Braunstein ) about gender job segregation in developing countries.

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