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Public "Medicare for All" Saves U.S. Taxpayers 1.5 Trillion Dollars

In The Real News Network interview, PERI's Robert Pollin and Adam Gaffney, president of Physicians for a National Health Program, discuss how a fully public-sector health care system can save taxpayers 1.5 trillion dollars.

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A Green New Deal for India?

In The Real News Network interview, PERI's Shouvik Chakraborty discusses "Green Growth and the Right to Energy in India," a study he co-authored with Rohit Azad. The study puts forth a proposal to boost equity while lowering carbon emissions.

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pollin 1 2019

Most Americans Want Medicare for All, Without Private Insurers

In The Real News Network interview PERI's Robert Pollin and Sanders Institute Fellow Michael Lighty argue that Medicare for All does not have to include private insurers like Medicare does.

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Medicare for All-How Do We Pay for It?

In The Real News Network interview at the Sanders Institute Gathering, PERI's Robert Pollin and Michael Lighty from National Nurses United discuss PERI's study "Economic Analysis of Medicare for All."

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Sanders Institute Gathering Participants Discuss Single-Payer, Climate Justice, and Militarism

A the conclusion of the Sanders Institute Gathering, PERI's Robert Pollin, former Executive Director of National Nurses United RoseAnn DeMoro, and filmmaker/activist John Cusack discuss the key policy ideas coming out of the conference, including Medicare for All, climate change, and militarism.

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epstein 12.8.18

Trump’s Trade Policy Towards China: A Distraction to Benefit the Rich

In The Real News Network interview, PERI's Gerald Epstein and Mark Weisbrot, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, discuss the impacts of Trump's trade negotiations with China.

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puertorico 12.7.18

Will Green Growth Save Puerto Rico?

During the Sanders Institute conference, The Gathering, PERI's Robert Pollin speaks with The Real News Network about creating a green growth program in Puerto Rico.

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>> Read "Austerity versus Green Growth for Puerto Rico"

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