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Economic Analysis of the Healthy California Single-Payer Health Care Proposal







The Intercept: Why Single Payer, Now, Is for Real

Los Angeles Times: Single-Payer Healthcare for California Is, in Fact, Very Doable

International Business Times: California Democrats Killed a Bill That Would've Saved Billions of Dollars, Says Economist

WYNC: What Happens When States Adopt Single Payer Healthcare?

KPFA: Healthy California- Interview with Bob Pollin 

Truthout: The Single-Payer Breakthrough in California: Robert Pollin on the Economics of Universal Care

The Real News Network: California's Senate Passes Single Payer Health Act

Bay Area IndyMedia: Release the Bill! Healthcare for All!

The Real News Network: Politics and Campaign Donations Hold Up California's Single Payer Health Law

Healthcare Politics with Steve Larchuk: The Real Numbers on California's Single Payer Bill

Capital & Main: Study Shows California’s Single-Payer Bill Would Save Health Care Costs

JustCare: California May Pave Way for Improved Medicare for All

Mother Jones: Everything You Need to Know About the Single-Payer Fight in California

Huffington Post: Tensions Flare After Single-Payer Health Care Bill Shelved in California

Physicians for a National Health Program: California’s single payer bill would reduce costs for most businesses and households

 Alternet: The Numbers Are In: A Single-Payer Health System in California Would Cover Everyone and Save Tens of Billions a Year

Los Angeles Times: Estimated cost for single-payer healthcare in California reduced by billions in analysis sponsored by supporters

Boston Herald: New taxes could fund universal California health care

The Mercury News: Universal health plan would save Californians $37 billion and cover more people, study finds 

Common Dreams: New Findings – SB 562 Would Cut State Spending on Healthcare by 18% -- and Guarantee Care for All

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