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Economic Analysis of Medicare for All
Media Coverage and Presentations

Sanders Institute "The Gathering" conference

PERI Co-Director Robert Pollin presents the findings of Economic Analysis of Medicare for All.
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Media Coverage

Wall Street Journal: Democrats Push Elizabeth Warren for Plan to Pay for Medicare for All
The Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren’s dodge on Medicare for All taxes brings attacks — and political risks

NBC News
: Warren won't say how she'll fund 'Medicare for All.' Experts have some ideas.

: Democratic 2020 hopeful Warren still weighing Medicare for All financing options

The ConversationWashington Post Ignores Facts on Medicare-For-All
The Washington Post
: The Health 202: Single-payer health care gets a second Captiol Hill hearing today

New York Times
: Letter to the editor by Peter Arno

Salon: Medicare for All Does Not Mean Medicare for Some
Detroit Free Press: What Medicare for All Might Look Like
Omaha World Herald: Medicare for All now supported by even more evidence
Nation of Change: 8 out of 10 Democrats Want Medicare for All
The Zero Hour: Medicare with Money to Spare
Earther: How MLK’s Vision Helped Lay the Groundwork For a Green New Deal
Ross News:
Robert Pollin- How Medicare for All Will Save $5 Trillion and Cover Every American
We Can Afford to Have Healthcare for All in the U.S.
Daily Hampshire Gazette
: Local Researchers Weigh In on the Viability of Single Payer Healthcare

: Medicare Will Be Good for Everyone-Except CEOs

The Guardian: Universal heathcare could save America trillions: what's holding us back?
The Progressive Investor: New Study Shows Medicare for All is Financially Viable
: Medicare for All Is Even Better than You Thought

Truthout: Easy to Pay for Something that Costs Less
MassLive: Medicare for All Could Reduce Health Care Costs, Provide Good Coverage
Nation of Change: Medicare for All Could Save the Country $5.1 Trillion over Ten Years
Common Dreams: In-Depth Analysis by Team of UMass Amherst Economists Shows Viability of Medicare For All
The Associated Press in The News Tribune and The Telegraph: Sanders Institute Gathering-- a Pep Rally for Liberal Ideas
Herald-Whig: Sanders Institute Set to Host First Big Meeting
Background Briefing with Ian Masters: Why Medicare for All Costs Less
Acadame Blog: PERI Analysis of the Affordability of Medicare for All
Physicians for a National Health Program: Full Assessment of PERI's Economic Analysis of Medicare for All
Common Dreams: $3.5 Trillion on Healthcare Each Year and We’re Still Uninsured, Underinsured, and Unhappy
Financial Advisor: Medicare-For-All Plan Would Save U.S. Billions, Tax HNW Families
Just Care: New study finds Medicare for all generates overall savings of more than $5 trillion










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