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Program Director: James K. Boyce

> Distributional Issues in Climate Policy

Agricultural Development, Trade and the Right to Food

Peacebuilding and Statebuilding

The Natural Assets Project

PERI's program on Development, Peacebuilding and the Environment conducts research on policies to promote environmentally and politically sustainable development worldwide.

The development component studies the impacts of economic policies on human well-being in Asia, Latin America and Africa. It explores such topics as the role of democratic accountability in the functioning of states and markets; the impact of trade on sustainable livelihood security; and policies for inclusive growth.

The peacebuilding component studies inter-relationships between economic policies and the consolidation of peace in war-torn societies. It analyzes such issues as the willingness and ability of governments and non-state actors to implement peace accords; the impact of vertical cleavages of class and horizontal cleavages of ethnicity, race, religion and region on conflict; and the role of external assistance in post-conflict transitions.

The environment component studies pollution, natural resource depletion and environmental protection, with a focus on the distribution of their costs and benefits. It examines such topics as environmental justice; corporate environmental performance; agricultural sustainability; and climate policy.

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