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American Prospect articles from inflation conference

Click on the links below to read ongoing commentary from the presenters at PERI's "Global Inflation: What Is to Be Done?" conference. These articles are part of The American Prospect series "The Great Inflation Myths." Check back as we will continue to add articles as they are published.

>> Read conference research papers here.

>> Watch video of conference

Watch individual interviews with conference participants by theAnalysis.news
     >> Robert Pollin: "No Evidence to Support Fed 2% Inflation Target"

American Prospect Articles

"Learning the Right Lessons from Recent Inflation"
by Josh Bivens

"The Inflation Numbers Game"
by James K. Boyce

"Inflation in an Unequal World"
by C. P. Chandrasekhar and Jayati Ghosh

"How the Federal Reserve Protects the Top One Percent"
Gerald Epstein and Aaron Medlin

"The Unfair Costs of Care"
by Nancy Folbre

"Supply Shocks, Inflation, and the Limits of Monetary Policy"
by Marc Jarsulic

"Two Percent Inflation Targeting Harms Growth"
by Robert Pollin and Hanae Bouazza

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